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The Garden Tutor Soil Texture Testing Jar and Soil Testing Handbook provides a simple but effective way to determine soil texture type. Using an integrated ruler and online soil texture calculator anyone can quickly and accurately determine their soil texture. Determine your soil texture so you can install plants best suited to your soil texture type and learn how much to amend your soil base on your soil texture. Kit includes easy to use calibrated testing jar and a 12-page full-color healthy soil handbook.

  • A simple and effective way to understand your soil type
  • Calibrated soil testing jar with integrated ruler makes it easy to measure soil layers
  • Find the best plants to grow in your soil
  • Determine how much soil amendment you need to improve your soil
  • Free online soil texture calculator for automated soil texture identification
  • Includes detailed 12-page full color healthy soil handbook with use instructions

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To calculate your soil texture once you have performed your jar test use our handy application to determine your soil texture type. 

Soil texture type calculator

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