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SoilWand Adjustable Gardening Multitool System


What you get:

1 SoilWand Garden Handle Mounting Platform
1 SoilWand Modified Crescent Hoe Tool Head
1 SoilWand Diamond Point Cultivator Toolhead
2 SoilWand Toolhead Mounting Hardware Sets
1 SoilWand 5mm Allen Wrench Hex Key
1 Detailed Instruction and Safety Manual

What is SoilWand?

The ultimate gardening tool
SoilWand is the world's most unique garden tool, redefining what a great garden tool should be. Utilizing a globally patented design, SoilWand delivers a human-engineered tool that is highly configurable, lightweight, strong, and precise.

SoilWand is not just another garden hand tool. it's a modular gardening tool platform that enables you to add or remove toolheads and adjust them to your specific needs. No other garden tool offers such flexibility, convenience, and precision. With SoilWand you are in total control. SoilWand is your go-to garden tool that will always be at your side, ready to tackle the most challenging garden projects with ease.

SoilWand features and benefits:

  • Oversized 22" articulated handle for extended reach, incredible leverage, power, and reduced back, hand and wrist strain.
  • Interchangeable tool heads lets you choose the best tool for the job. 
  • Adjustable tool heads maximize ergonomics and add entirely new uses for the same toolhead simply by changing the angle or direction of the toolhead
  • Mounting points on each end provide the option of using two tool-heads simultaneously to speed up gardening tasks.
  • Lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum and carbon steel mesh seamlessly to deliver the perfect amount of heft without weighing you down.
  • Strong Pro-Grade tool, SoilWand withstands hundreds of pounds of force to tackle the most demanding jobs. SoilWand isn't just another wimpy gardening tool it's a powerhouse in a lightweight and portable package.
What can you do with SoilWand?

The real question is, what can’t you do with SoilWand because there are so many configuration options. Most important is that you aren’t stuck with a one size fits all tool. There is no other garden tool on the market that offers detachable heads combined with bulletproof strength and unfettered adjustability like SoilWand.

With SoilWand, you decide how to configure the tool. Then, using a simple but highly secure automotive-grade barrel bolt system, users can quickly change toolhead positions or swap out entire toolheads. But don’t think for a second that detachable heads make this just another wimpy garden tool. Solid wobble free design built with hardened carbon steel and military-grade aluminum, you get an extremely versatile tool that is also durable and exceptionally strong.

Use SoilWand to:

Surface weed Deep weed Cultivate
Strip Edge Furrow
Trench Dig Grade
Chop Rip Scratch
Rake Aerate Much more!

Let SoilWand introduce you to the new world of Ultra-GardeningTM

  • Ultra-strong - Engineered to withstand hundreds of pounds of force
  • Ultra-precise - Configurable, ergonomic, lightweight and perfectly balanced
  • Ultra-beautiful - Sleek, laser-etched, gold anodized handle


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